How to get UBA AfriCard in Nigeria (Easy process)

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If you would like to know “How to get UBA AfriCard in Nigeria” and “How to activate UBA AfriCard“, then this guide will be a real eye-opener for you.

Nowadays, there are numerous corporations, freelancers, bloggers, and Youtubers in Nigeria that can’t accept international payments online.

But with the introduction of the UBA AfriCard (Also Prepaid Card) in the year 2018, it has now been made possible to get a pre-funded and re-loadable UBA prepaid card that is internationally accepted at all Visa acceptance outlets in over 200+ countries.

The standard Nigeria ATM card (Master Card, Verve card, or Visa card) is not accepted and cannot be used to receive or transact internationally,  but with the UBA AfriCard, you can widely receive and send foreign denominations (Dollars only).

So in this guide on “How to get UBA AfriCard in Nigeria and How to Activate UBA AfriCard”, not only will you be shown how to get it, but how to activate it and make the Prepaid Card ready for use also.

With that said, let’s get started…

how to get uba africard in nigeria, how to activate uba africard

What is UBA AfriCard?

As already stated above, the UBA Africard (Prepaid cards) is a pre-funded and re-loadable card that can be used to send and receive foreign denominations.

You can make a purchase online or pay bills anywhere you are, even if outside Nigeria. The UBA AfriCard was made possible by a foreign-based company called  GTP (Global Technology Partners) Limited.

GTP Ltd was founded by a man named Richard Bialek in 2003, currently operating in more than 30 African countries and providing support for over 20 foreign currencies. Since then, his foundation has had a long track record of working with Fintechs and Banks in Nigeria to help them launch physical or virtual internationally accepted prepaid cards.

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Requirements for UBA AfriCard

Before obtaining and activating a UBA AfriCard, there are a few major requirements to be met as this program is only available to whoever requested it.

Below are some of the few requirements:

  • Two recently captured passport photographs showing your head to shoulder
  • Any valid form of identity (Could be your National Identity card, Voters card, Drivers license, or an international passport)
  • You will need N5,000 to fund your Prepaid account and pay the card issuance fee
  • A utility bill date recently dated in the past three months (Could be Electric bill, Gas bill, Water bill, or Telephone bills)
  • You may or not have a UBA bank account as this is optional. Though, you will probably be forced to open an account by the UBA customer representative

Once all the above-outlined requirements are ready, you may now proceed to any UBA bank branch to obtain an AfriCard.

How to get UBA AfriCard in Nigeria

Since you’ve got all major requirements ready, below are the step-by-step procedures to get your new UBA AfriCard.

  • Visit any UBA bank branch near you, meet with any of their available customer representatives and let your intentions be known
  • You will then be given the Prepaid card application form, fill in all your personal information and choose  to get the UBA Visa Prepaid card
  • When you’re done filling in your details, sign the document and submit it along with the above-outlined major requirements
  • Your AfriCard may be ready instantly or you will be instructed to come back later
  • You will be notified once the Prepaid card is ready, visit the UBA bank branch again and make your first deposit

And that’s the be-all-end-all. You just got yourself an internationally accepted card. You will be instructed on how you can fund your new Prepaid card if you don’t know-how.

How to activate UBA AfriCard

After getting your card, you still need to activate it for it to be used on POS terminals worldwide and Web purchases. You will also be allowed to set a transaction authentication PIN.

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You may ask the UBA customer representative for help or follow the below-outlined procedures to activate it yourself.

  • Open the sealed envelope given to you when obtaining your Prepaid card. Look for the two activation codes that will be used to activate the card for ATM and Web uses
  • Visit any UBA ATM machine outlet and insert your Prepaid card to set a new security PIN
  • You will need to enter your customer ID and Web code then click on the “Confirm” button. The customer ID can be found at the back of your Prepaid card
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions to set a PIN for web purchases also

You can now use your card on POS terminals and for Web purchases after activating it. You will be getting alerts via your linked email address or phone number if you make any transactions.  Note that SMS alerts will incur a fee of N4.

FAQs  (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is UBA AfriCard free?

Yes! The UBA AfriCard application process is free to obtain and activate. You just need to initially fund your account with small money (N5,000)

How long does it take to get a UBA Africard?

The UBA AfriCard is issued instantly at the time of application. It’s really rare for it to take days.

Does Paypal Accept UBA AfriCard?

Yes, Paypal allows you to link your Prepaid card to send and receive money.

How do I fund my UBA Africard?

You can fund your UBA AfriCard in two ways. Either visit a bank branch near you and do so over the counter or fund your Prepaid card through the UBA mobile app.


Hope this guide on “How to get UBA AfriCard in Nigeria and How to activate UBA AfriCard” is helpful to you. If you’re facing any issues or there is a section not cleared for you, kindly comment down below.

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