How to apply for NIN online in Nigeria (Fast process)

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In this guide, you will be shown “How to apply for NIN online” online and then finalize the enrollment process at any NIMC enrollment center.

Instead of standing behind a long queue of people at the NIMC office, waiting for your turn to process the NIN enrollment, you will be shown a “do-it-yourself” method that will fasten up the process of getting a NIN.

It can be done anywhere you are, you just need to visit the pre-enrolment portal and fill in personal data about you. 

This data summary sheet will be printed out along with a 2D barcode and taken to any NIMC office near you. It will be scanned there and your bio-metric data such as fingerprint, signature, and a head-shot photograph of you will be captured by the NIMC enrollment officer.

PS: The online “do-it-yourself” method is just an initial step, the only benefit is your NIN enrollment process will be much easier and faster to get. You still need to visit any NIMC center near you to get your bio-metric data captured for finalization.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get started…

What is NIN?

how to apply for nin online

The NIN (National Identification Number) is an 11-digit random set of unique numbers assigned to every Nigerian citizen by the system after enrollment into the Nigerian National Identity Database.

This is how you’re going to be identified by the government as a Nigerian citizen anywhere you go.

All personal records about you will be tied to this unique number assigned to you, whether you travel abroad, get a driver’s license, obtain a PVC (Permanent Voters Card), pay your taxes and so many other activities that can be recorded.

The NIN is so unique that the set of numbers assigned to you can’t be assigned to anybody else as long as you’re alive. Your NIN will be diminished by the system if only your death certificate is presented to the NIMC.

All Nigerian citizens are eligible to enroll for their NIN right from the day they were born.

Now that you know what the NIN is and its importance, let’s look at how you can enroll for and obtain a NIN.

How to apply for NIN online?

You may choose to fill the pre-enrolment form online and print the summary sheet out with a 2D barcode or download and print out the pre-enrolment form for block letters filling.

After filling out the form, your bio-metric data still needs to be captured at any NIMC office when enrolling for NIN, this will be used to check whether existing data is already present in the Nigerian National Identity Database.

Follow the below step-by-step procedures for a speedy NIN application process:

Step 1: Fill up and download the pre-enrolment form

  • Visit the NIMC Pre-enrolment portal to fill the form online
  • You can also download and print out the form in A4 paper (Preview form here)
  • Make sure that all required fields are filled with correct and precise information

Step 2: Submit your NIN application form

  • Visit the nearest NIMC enrollment center with your BVN and valid supporting documents E.g Birth certificate or School ID card
  • A NIMC officer will verify the presence and compliance of all details in your application form
  • The enrollment officer will proceed to capture your bio-metrics data if you fill your application correctly. You will be given a “Transaction ID slip” as evidence of transaction afterward

Step 2: NIN issuance

  • The plastic NIN card will be issued in a period of 2 to 3 days (Working days only) from the time your bio-metrics data were captured
  • The issuance process might take longer due to validation of details at NIMC
  • And lastly, make sure to keep your “Transaction ID slip” safe as it will be required when collecting your NIN slip. This will indicate completion of enrollment


That’s “How to apply for NIN online” online as a Nigerian citizen. Comment down below if you have any questions traversing your mind, will try my best to source authentic answers.

Also, share this post on social media or with friends and families that might find the included information helpful.

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