How to perform Access bank cardless withdrawal

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At one point in time, we’ve all experienced wanting to withdraw at an ATM outlet, then discovering the ATM card is not with us at the moment, or maybe you haven’t even obtained your ATM card.

This can be a very frustrating incident and it has been observed, which is why the Cardless Withdrawal feature was introduced in April 2014.

Every modern bank in Nigeria including Access bank has been adopting this feature since it is safer, easier, and not complicated.

Access bank Cardless Withdrawal feature enables you as a customer to withdraw money from an ATM machine without using your physical ATM card.

In this guide, I will be showing you how to make Access bank Cardless Withdrawal, should you have forgotten your ATM card at home or not in possession when it’s needed.

Access bank cardless withdrawal

How to perform Access bank Cardless Withdrawal

To perform an Access bank Cardless Withdrawal, follow the below outline steps:

  • Simply dial *903# from your mobile phone and select the “Withdraw Money” option
  • The next on-screen pop-up, select the “ATM Withdrawal” option
  • Now enter the Amount you would like the ATM to dispense and validate the transaction with your authentication PIN
  • You will receive a Pay Code via SMS (Usually 8-digits or more)
  • Keep the code and visit any Access bank Cardless Withdrawal enabled ATM machine
  • Press ‘0’ on the ATM machine interface to perform a cardless withdrawal.
  • Select Access Money and Input your Phone number, specify the amount you want to withdraw, input the Pay code received and select continue.
  • If everything went well, your cash will be dispensed
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There you have it! Simple and straightforward process, I hope you find this Access bank Cardless Withdrawal guide helpful.

If any questions popped into your mind, or you would like to add more insightful additions, feel free to use the comment section below.

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