Videomine review 2022: Is Videomine legit or scam?

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You must have heard about the new Nigeria money-making platform that has been making waves on the internet called Videomine.

Videomine platform is newly launched and they claim to pay people for performing simple tasks such as watching videos, paying daily visits to their account, and making viral video posts.

They have been gaining traction lately from a massive number of Nigerians looking for a new investment platform.

Videomine has so much in common with Racksterly, therefore, you need to do due research to know if they are a legit platform or not.

I’m sure everybody knew what happened to Racksterly, how they promised to be a legitimate investment platform but absconded with millions of investors naira.

So, in this guide, I will cover and answer so many questions Nigerians looking forward to trying out this platform have in mind such as “Is Videomine a scam?”, “Is Videomine legit?”, ” How does Videomine work?”, “How to earn money from the Videomine platform?”, “How to register an account with Videomine?” and so many more.

Without wasting any more time, let’s delve right in…

What is

Videomine technology is a newly launched online platform in Nigeria that claims they help people make money through various ways on their platform.

You can perform simple tasks such as watching videos, logging in to your account daily, making viral video posts, referring people to the platform as an affiliate, and selling digital products.

Before you can get access to these simple money-making tasks, Videomine requires you to buy an activation coupon code from vendors listed on their website. This coupon will be used to sign up for an account.

Just from the process explained above, you can already see they are just like all other platforms that have risen in the past. This now brought up the two questions, “Is Videomine a scam?” and “Is Videomine legit?”.

The next section will answer this…

Is Videomine legit?

On this question, I would like to point out the obvious first. There is no legitimate investment platform that will bombard your screen with various explicit ADs as soon as you load their website.

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Videomine has so many explicit ADs displaying on every page of their web page, that is doubt number one.

After doing so much research on this platform, I’ve yet to discover the people behind them. Who is the CEO of Videomine?, where and when was Videomine established? and they do not have a physical address.

That is doubt number two. I am not saying the Videomine platform is a scam, but after seeing what this type of Ponzi schemes platform can do, deep research needs to be made.

Videomine also claims to have registered for and obtained a CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) certificate, but I can’t find their CAC ID to verify this statement.

This made me proceed to the official CAC website to search for Videomine business names and see if their records will pop up, but it doesn’t.

videomine review

All these red flags point to one thing: Videomine is likely a Ponzi scheme website that’s bound to shut down soon, just like all others.

But if you would like to take advantage of this platform and earn some money while they are still here, there will be a registration process and how to earn on their platform below.

How to register for a Videomine account

This section will explain how you can register for and activate a Videomine account so you can start earning.

Follow the step-by-step procedures below:

  • Visit the official Videomine website here and click on “Vendors” at the top menu
  • On the vendor’s page, you will see a list of verified Videomine vendors. Just click on any of their WhatsApp links to chat with them
  • Let them know you want to buy a Videomine activation coupon
  • You will pay a total amount of N2,000 to get a coupon, return to the website and click on “Register
  • On the sign-up page, you will be required to enter details such as your full name, desired username, an active email address, a secure password, and phone number
  • Then choose a package, whether Affiliate (Single) or MLM (Team). Input your coupon code below and click on “Sign up”

And there you go, you now have an active Videomine account ready to perform money-making tasks.

How does Videomine work? (Packages)

After registering your account, you will have to perform various tasks on the Videomine platform to earn some money.

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There are two packages you can choose from: as stated above, you can either take part as an Affiliate (Single) or as a Group/MLM (Team).

How much funds you’re going to generate and how you withdraw depends on the packages you choose, so I will list the two Videomine packages and the difference between them below.

Registering as an Affiliate (Single)

You’re participating as an individual if you register on Videomine as an Affiliate. This means you do not have a team yet, and all funds generated through activities performed are paid into your account instantly.

Below are how to earn as an Affiliate (Single):

  • Registration fee: N2,000
  • Registration bonus: N1,000
  • Referral bonus: N1,400
  • Daily login: N100
  • Watching videos: N150
  • Viral posts (Videos): N200

You can apply to withdraw your earnings twice a week (Wednesday and Sunday) if you meet the minimum withdrawal limit.

Registering as a Group/MLM (Team)

Registering as a team is more beneficial than an individual. You get to generate more funds and you have a chance to win incentives such as phones, laptops, and other electronic appliances from Videomine.

Below are the full benefits you get to enjoy as a team:

  • You can cash out N10,000 instantly when someone in your team completes a cycle
  • You get to earn N1,500 if any of your direct downlines completes a cycle
  • You need to resubscribe to move to the next cycle once your current team cycle is completed (Fee is N2,000)
  • As stated above, you are liable to win juicy incentives/gifts from Videomine

Unlike the individual plan, you can make withdrawal requests every day if anyone completes their cycle in your team.

Videomine contact details and official channels

If you need to ask more questions not covered in this “Videomine review” article, you can contact them via any of the available media below.

  • Phone number – 09035046637
  • Telegram channel –
  • Facebook group –
  • YouTube channel –


I hope this review will help you make the right decision whether to join the Videomine platform or not. 

If you decide to take advantage of them still being here, make sure to invest only the amount you can afford to lose as no one knows the exact time they might go off-trail.

PS: More research about this platform is still undergoing and content on this page will be updated as soon as I find new information about Videomine.

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