Detailed Ravetok review: To invest or not?

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You must have heard about the new buzzing online investment opportunity that just launched in Nigeria called Ravetok.

Ravetok claims to be a legit investment platform, you just need to register with a token, and funds will start generating automatically through mining.

But we are not taking their word for it as there are so many platforms that have risen in the past only to crash or abscond with investors’ money in the long run.

So in this “Ravetok review“, a detailed review about this newly launched platform that has been conducted will be written so you can make the right decision before investing your hard-earned money.

I will also answer some important questions such as “How to sign up on Ravetok?”, “How does Ravetok works?”, “Who is the founder of Ravetok” and so many more.

Without any more ted talk, let’s dive right in…

Ravetok review: What is Ravetok?

Ravetok claims to be an investment platform that provides an alternative income source by allowing members to earn through mining.

You just need to choose from one of their three packages, the plan you choose will determine how much your Ravetok account will be able to mine over some time. You can choose to get paid into your local bank account in Naira or to your cryptocurrency wallet in USDT$.

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Is Ravetok legit or a scam?

The first red flag I would like to point out is that Ravetok, a platform that claimed to be an investment website is not registered with CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) nor insured by NDIC (Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation).

Ravetok is nowhere to be found on both the CAC and NDIC database, this raises the alarm that this platform is just like all other “read-news-and-earn” that has crashed in the past.

As you can see below, here is the NDIC database showing no search results for Ravetok.

ravetok review

And below is the CAC database search results showing nothing when Ravetok is looked up.

ravetok review

These two are a major red flag of an investment website, not being registered or insured is a major problem and a pointer that such a platform shouldn’t be completely trusted.

As always with these random investment platforms popping up online in Nigeria, you can take advantage of them and earn a little while they are still active, also make sure to only invest the amount you can afford to lose as no one knows the exact time they will crash.

Who is the founder of Ravetok?

The founder of this new investment scheme is not known and no information is published on the official website, however, it is a man named Chidinma Onyinye from Awka Nigeria after checking the WHOIS information of the Ravetok domain.

How to sign up on Ravetok

Before you can start mining on the Ravetok platform, you need to become a member by signing up.

Below is a step-by-step procedure you need to follow:

  • The first thing you need to do is get a coupon. A valid coupon can only be gotten from one of Ravetok verified vendors (Ravetok vendors page)
  • Message any of them and request for a coupon, you will be asked to choose any package. Whether Pulse package, Switch package or Magnum package
  • Pay for the coupon (price depends on which package you choose) and the vendor will send you a valid one you can use to sign up
  • Visit the Ravetok registration page after getting a coupon, fill in informations such as full name, email address, username, phone number, country, password and also input your coupon code
  • Click on the “Submit” button to complete your registration process
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This review is just to point out the major red flag of this platform so that everyone can be aware, not necessarily confirming that Ravetok is a scam.

More research is still ongoing and this article will keep getting updated as new information is been found.

Have you tried Ravetok? Already cashed out your first earnings? Are you facing any problems or have any questions in mind?

Kindly comment down below.

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