Dataway Ng Review: Is Dataway Ng legit or a scam?

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In this “Dataway Ng review“, you will be shown all you need to know about Dataway Ng such as “What is Dataway Ng and how it works, How to register on Dataway Ng, How to earn on Dataway Ng, and also answer the most important question, “Is Dataway Ng legit or scam?“.

Dataway Ng has been around since June 2021 and it’s already getting traction from a mass of Nigerians looking for a new money-making platform.

Even though there is proof that Dataway Ng is actually paying, some people are still over the fence whether to try Dataway Ng or not, maybe they are just like all other Ponzi scheme platform that has risen and absconded with investor’s revenue in the past.

Without much further ado, let’s get started…

dataway ng review

What is Dataway Ng and how does it work?

Dataway Ng, first introduced in June 2021, is a crowd-sourced VTU platform where you can make money online by purchasing discounted airtime/data and reselling it at a normal rate.

The earning mode is not only limited to data reselling, you can also generate funds by referring people to the platform and earning a percentage of their generated revenue, helping people pay bills (electricity, water, or house rent bills E.T.C), and printing recharge cards.

The Nigeria Telecommunications industry is worth N2.88 trillion according to Techcabal, this shows that data/airtime reselling is a profitable business in Nigeria.

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You can also tap into this earning pool and earn extra income by becoming a Dataway Ng data/airtime reseller.

Dataway Ng review: Is Dataway Ng legit or scam?

As already stated above, Dataway Ng was introduced around June 2021. They have been providing legit services and paying their vendors ever since.

Even though Dataway Ng is still new, they’ve managed to amass a total of  600,000+ verified members.

They are showing signs that they are here to stay and not just a Ponzi scheme website with the probability of crashing soon as they have a physical address of their branch/office/outlets.

So yeah, Dataway Ng is legit and a trusted platform to earn extra income. The next series of content will show you how you can register on Dataway Ng so you can start your data/airtime reselling business.

How to register on Dataway Ng

Before you can start a side business on Dataway Ng, you will need to become a member first by signing up and paying the membership fee of N2,000.

Follow the below-outlined procedures for a successful sign-up process:

  • Visit the Dataway Ng registration page here and you will be presented with a member sign up form
  • Fill in a valid email address, active mobile phone number, full name, username, also enter your referral name (optional) and create a secure password
  • Before clicking the “Subscribe” button, you will be required to pay the membership fee of N2,000
  • You can make payment through 2 methods, making an online payment or entering a coupon code
  • You will be redirected to a secure page, where you can enter your credit card to make the payment if you choose the online payment method
  • If you choose coupon code payment method, visit the Dataway Ng vendor page here. Contact them and request to buy a coupon code
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After successfully signing up, you’re now a verified Dataway Ng member and you can commence business.

You will also automatically join their affiliate program that pays you N1000 + 1GB of data per referral.

Is Dataway Ng worth trying?

The quick “don’t-waste-my-time” answer to this is “YES!“. Dataway is legit and also worth giving a try to those looking for extra income and a side business.

By just investing N2,000, you get to make much more by reselling data/airtime, helping people pay bills, referring other people looking to start a legit side business, and many more.

Though there are many other better ways of making money online, Dataway Ng is still ideal for beginners (especially students) wanting to start with little to no cash.


I hope this “Dataway Ng review” will help you make the right decision. If you’re facing any problems with the registration process, felt stuck, or have any other questions not covered in this guide, Kindly comment down below.

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