Royal Q review: A legit trading software or not?

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Have you been looking for a comprehensive “Royal Q Review“? If so, I’m glad to tell you that your search has come to an end as I will be giving a “Royal Q honest review” in this article to let you know if you can truly make money with this AI trading bot or if it’s just one of many scam platforms.

I will explain in detail how this platform works, if you can truly make a tangible amount of money while this AI bot automate things for you, and also answer frequently asked questions by “Royal Q bot” users such as “is royal q bot legit?“, “is royal q bot profitable?“, “who is the owner of royal q robot?“, “what is fuel fee in royal q?“, and “when was royal q launched?“.

There has been so much hype around this crypto asset trader bot among crypto traders on the internet.

So if you’re new to the market and you would like to give this Royal Q bot a try, it’s necessary to read reviews and conduct decent research before the trial.

Without wasting any more time, let’s delve right into it.

What is Royal Q trading bot?

royal q review

The Royal Q trading bot is a computer-based artificial intelligence integrated with sets of cryptocurrency trading signals to read and trade on popular exchange platforms such as Binance and Huobi.

This AI software is integrated with intelligent signals that can help you observe the market, calculate potential risks, analyze the crypto market performances and then make the best trading time decisions for high profitability.

Even though the Royal Q bot is more cost-effective than hiring someone, think of it as just hiring an expert cryptocurrency trader that quickly reacts to changes in the market trend and helps you trade your assets while you just wait for the profits.

The Royal bot was built by a Chinese company to eliminate the emotional and psychological factors that affect decision-making. Instead of going through the hassle of watching the market trends to know the right time to trade, you just have to set up this bot to automate and take out the guesswork.

How does Royal Q trading bot work?

Before you can use the Royal Q AI bot, it needs to be integrated with a third-party crypto exchange platform such as Binance or Huobi.

These are the two supported platforms by the trading bot, so you will need to create an account on either of the two above-mentioned platforms.

Now is the time to create a Royal Q account, you need to download the app first.

It is available for both Android and IOS devices, open up the app and input your email address with a secure password to sign up after a successful installation process.

After creating a Royal Q account, you will need to activate your account with a fee of 120 USDT and another 20 USDT for gas fuel. Follow the steps below to easily activate your account:

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How to activate Royal Q bot account

  • Open up the installed Royal Q app, click on the right-hand side menu and navigate to “Mine>>Asset
  • There, you will see an array of options like “deposit“, “withdraw” and “transfer“. Click on the “deposit” option to copy your Royal Q wallet address and send an activation fee of 120 USDT
  • After which you will be required to choose your country of residence, tick the T&C’s agreement and click on the “Activate” button

Now that your Royal Q account has been activated, it is ready to trade on your behalf.

The final step to take is to bind the Royal Q bot account to your preferred crypto exchange platform by integrating API keys.

How to bind Royal Q to Binance 

This is a necessary step as the Royal Q bot cannot trade on your behalf if it is not integrated with a crypto exchange platform. Even though the process feels daunting for a non-techy person, this section will simplify it for you:

  • Click open your Binance app, log in and click on the “more” icon
  • Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the “others” section and click on the “API management” tab to create a new API key
  • Give the new API key a name for easy recognition. Set restrictions on the API key to only “Enable reading” and “Enable Spot & Margin Trading” options
  • Also, scroll to the “IP access restriction” section on the bottom of the page to tick the “Restrict access to trusted IPs only” for the bot to access your account funds and trade on your behalf
  • Make sure you have copied the API key and secret key, open your Royal Q bot account, and click on the “API binding” option
  • Two options will be presented to you, Binance or Huobi. Chose Binance exchange platform and paste your API key and secret key in the provided box accordingly

An email notification will be sent to you so you can confirm this binding process, tick the checkbox to agree with the T&C’s, and click on the “bind” button to finalize the process.

How to bind Royal Q to Huobi

If you’re not a Binance user, there is another option to bind your account to a popular crypto exchange platform called Huobi, a China-owned company based in Seychelles. Follow the procedures below to get this done in no time:

  • Open your Royal Q trading bot app, navigate to “Mine>>API binding” and choose to integrate the Huobi exchange
  • Now visit your Huobi account, click on your avatar and go to the “API management” section 
  • Enter custom note, name your new API key and tick the “trade” option
  • Now return to the Royal Q app, copy account IP, go back to the Huobi API page and paste the copied IP address into the provided box
  • Finally, click the “create” button and agree to the T&C’s. A verification code will be sent to your Huobi email, enter it and copy your API with the secret key
  • Open the Royal Q app once again, enter both API and secret keys. A verification code will also be sent, this time to your Royal Q account email
  • Enter the code, tick the “Risk warning book” and bind it

If you closely follow this procedure step-by-step, you’re sure to get this done in less than a minute.

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How to set up Royal Q trade settings

After successfully setting up and binding your Royal Q account, it’s imperative that you tweak the trade settings so that the AI bot trades for you with the instructions given to maximize profits.

There are 5 major trade settings that you need to tweak to your preferences. They are:

  • First Buy In Amount 
  • Open Position Doubled 
  • Margin Call Limit
  • Margin Configuration 
  • Buy In Callback

The below step-by-step procedures will explain in detail how you can tweak these 5 settings to maximize profitability.

#1 First Buy In Amount

This setting is used to instruct the bot how much you would like to start trading with. For instance, if you have a trading capital of $100, you may set your First Buy In Amount to $20 as it’s not advisable to enter a trade with your entire capital in case of losses.

#2 Open Position Doubled

This simply means you’re entering the market trade with double the amount you set when tweaking the First Buy In Amount settings. Let’s say you instruct the bot to start trading with $20, this Open Position Doubled settings will double the amount when starting a trade.

But this setting is not recommended according to the Royal Q developers, just set a solid amount you would like the bot to start trading with.

#3 Margin Call Limit

When there’s a drop in the market after entering a trade, this Margin Call Limit will determine the total number of DEEP the bot will buy.

Profit ratio is applied to the entire position—the bot’s profit ratio is set to 1.3% by default. You can, however, adjust it to be higher or lower. It simply refers to the percentage at which the bot will sell for you.

#4 Margin Configuration

This configuration, when tweaked, will indicate the amount of DEEP to be bought based on drop-in percentages.

#5 Buy In Callback

This configuration simply means the percentage at which you want the bot to buy again so you can keep making additional profitability after your first take profit.

After you’re done tweaking this last but not least setting to your preferences, simply start trading with the AI bot with little to no risks.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

If you’re still being skeptical about the Royal Q trading bot, this section will try as much as possible to clear your doubts by answering frequent questions that traverse people’s minds about this AI software.

When was Royal Q launched?

Royal Q was officially established in 2017, the AI trading bot was only limited to Asia traders at the time. But was globally available for traders worldwide in 2021, it’s a Chinese-owned company registered in California, USA but is headquartered in Singapore.

Who is the owner of Royal Q robot?

Royal Q founder/CEO name is Chih Kuang Ouyang as seen in the company’s licensed entity registration doc.

Is Royal Q bot legit or a scam?

The quick answer to this is that Royal Q bot is not a scam, it’s rather a legit crypto trading software that is actively being maintained and thousands of traders are cashing out daily.

If you’re losing money with this bot, you need to understand how it works and the right trade settings that will bring high profitability.

There are tons of resources out there to help you solve any questions you might have about this bot and how it works.

What is the minimum investment amount for Royal Q Bot?

The minimum amount the bot can use to initiate a trade for you is $10. But if you would like to be serious and earn a good amount of money, anything from $100 is a good amount.

Royal Q review: The Conclusion

Hope this guide on “Royal Q honest review” has managed to enlighten you about how the software works, how you can get started today even with little to no experience, and more.

If after reading to the end and still have any questions not covered, kindly comment down below.

If you’re a seasoned trader that has already tried this AI trading software, what’s your experience? Good or Bad?

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