Terkehh airdrop token: Get your free $100 airdrop

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Terkehh Airdrop, a new fan-birthed meme-coin with improved transaction speed and adorableness. This new meme-coin is hyper-deflationary with a static reflection that rewards holders automatically by adding a 4% Terkehh token from new transactions made into their wallets.

This is to encourage all Terkehh token holders to HODL longer. And currently, there is a “Terkehh airdrop” being distributed to the public by a telegram bot. You can get 10,000 ($100) Terkehh tokens by performing little to no tasks at all.

terkehh airdrop

How to participate in the ongoing Terkehh airdrop

To get your free share of the Terkehh airdrop, follow the below step-by-step procedures:

  • Click on this link to start a chat with the Terkehh telegram bot and send “/start” message to the bot
  • You will be presented with a list of task to get done before accessing the bot. Join the official Terkehh group and comment “Terk10000X
  • Join two other groups required by the bot also an click on “check” after all task has been completed

You can now start earning a free Terkehh token by referring more users, copy your referral link from the Telegram bot and share with whoever wants to join through you.

One successful referral will get you 2,500 Terk coins, equivalent to $25.

Terkehh token contract address + Communities

Contract address: 0x53035E4e14fb3f82C02357B35d5cC0C5b53928B4

Token symbol: Terk

Decimals: 18

Terkehh price: 1 Terk – $0.06633

Terkehh on Coinmarketcap

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Terkehh on PancakeSwap

Terkehh on Telegram

Terkehh on Twitter

Terkehh on Poocoin

Is the Terkehh token legit or a scam?

The conclusion has not been reached yet whether this is a scam or legit coin project, But it’s a shitcoin with little to no value and has no discernible purpose yet.

Make sure to conduct your own research and only invest how much you can afford to lose as no one knows if this meme-coin is here to stay.

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