Morpher Airdrop: How to claim free 1100 Morpher token

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Morpher is a fee-free trading platform where you can trade crypto, stocks, forex, and commodities without interruption. And now, they are giving away free “Morpher token“, a tradable coin that’s already available on Uniswap, Coingecko, and Coinmarketcap.

In this “Morpher airdrop” guide, you will be shown how you can get “100 MPH (Morpher token)” for free and how you can earn 1000 MPH per every referral that successfully signed up with your link.

Let’s get started…

What is Morpher token?

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Morpher token is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency (ERC20 token) that is compatible with modern crypto wallets and can also be found listed on all major exchange platforms.

How do I get Morpher airdrop?

As already stated, getting a “Morpher airdrop” is free and also quite easy. You just need to complete a few requirements, follow the step-by-step guide below:

  • Now connect a wallet via Metamask, submit your email address, and confirm it
  • Complete your KYC by submitting the required documents. This is to prove you’re not and bot and you’re also from a supported country. You can check a list of countries Morpher is airdropping to here
  • After that, click on the “Redeem Tokens” button on the dashboard to claim free 100 MPH

If you would like to earn more free MPH, simply copy your referral link and send it to anybody interested. Once they sign up, you will earn an additional 1000 MPH.

How much are Morpher tokens worth?

As of the time of writing this guide, the Morpher token is worth $0.02156 according to Coinmarketcap. But the price is not stagnant since this is a crypto project.

Is Morpher airdrop legit?

Morpher is a legit trading platform and so is their MPH token. Their design is very simple and user-friendly, but improvements can be made to cater to advanced traders and the ridiculously high gas fee.

Morpher contract address

Contract address: 0x6369c3DadfC00054A42BA8B2c09c48131dd4Aa38

Decimals: 18

Official website: Morpher

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