How to get Kudi POS machine (2 Easy Methods)

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As the number of unemployed individuals in Nigeria is at an all-time high, starting a side business is the go-to in order to not live below the poverty line.

Even though there are so many side businesses one can start in Nigeria, the POS business seems to be the people’s favorite as it is easy to start, profitable, and doesn’t require much capital.

If you’ve been searching the nook and cranny of the internet but can’t find a guide on “how to get Kudi POS machine“, then I am glad to say you’ve landed on an eye-opener article.

In this guide on “how to get Kudi POS machine“, I will show you how you can apply for and obtain a Kudi POS machine, how to operate the POS terminal, Kudi POS cost, and also answer some FAQs.

After obtaining a Kudi POS, then you can consider yourself one of their network agents by providing basic financial services (ATM withdrawal, inter-bank & intra-bank transfer, Airtime/Data, and bills payment) in your local community and making a good amount of money while at it.

Without wasting any more time, let’s delve right into it.

How to become Kudi POS agent

how to become kudi pos agent

It is really easy to become a Kudi POS agent when compared to other companies in the same category. You just need to have a fully functional Android device with internet connection access and also the Kudi mobile app installed.

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Follow the simple step-by-step procedures below:

  • After app installation, create an agent account by signing up with your Full Name, mobile phone number, business name, and all other mandatory information
  • And lastly, create a 4-digit security PIN that will serve an authentication purpose for all transactions
  • After you’re done creating an account, make sure to start transacting consistently for a chance to get a free Kudi POS terminal after two weeks.

But if you don’t want to wait and get issued a free POS terminal by merit, you can pay to instantly get a POS machine.

How to get Kudi POS machine (Through Payment)

As stated above, you can choose to skip through the process of waiting to get issued a free POS machine. So, making a small fee can get you the terminal instantly.

Follow the procedures below to secure a Kudi POS terminal through payment:

  • Visit any Kudi office closest to you or call their customer service if you don’t have a clue of their whereabouts
  • One of their agents will issue you a form on getting there, fill the form with appropriate details and submit it
  • Then, you will be required to make a payment non-refundable payment of N20,000

After which your application will be released and a POS terminal will be given to you instantly

How to activate Kudi POS machine

After obtaining the Kudi POS machine, you still need to activate it by linking the POS to your wallet. This will allow you to simultaneously transact with either the POS or the Kudi mobile app.

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To activate your POS machine, follow the outlined steps below:

  • Login to your Kudi agent mobile app, go to “Settings” and select “Account
  • Click on the “Activate POS” button and enter your Terminal ID or Serial number
  • You can find the Terminal ID or Serial number on the last POS receipt
  • Finally, click on the “Submit” button and the POS will be linked to your wallet immediately


Below are some of the frequently asked questions by aspiring Kudi POS agents. So look through it to get some answers to questions traversing your mind.

How much is Kudi POS?

The Kudi POS terminals are issued for free. But you need to pay a caution fee of N20,000. This fee is non-refundable as it will be used to repair the POS machine in case it gets damaged.

Can I perform transactions without a POS Terminal?

Yes, you can! The Kudi POS machine is not required for transactions. However, you need to get it in order to enjoy the various benefits it includes.

How can I contact Kudi?

Social Media: Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @kuding

Whatsapp: 09087787573, 08096824230, 08051308484

08071248772 (POS Technical Issues Only)

Support Channels:

01 888 5008,

In Summary

I hope this guide on “how to get Kudi POS machine“, “how to activate Kudi POS machine” and “how to become Kudi POS agent” will walk you through the slightly complicated process of becoming a Kudi POS agent.

If you still have some questions that are now answered in this article or you get stuck in a process, kindly use the comment section below.

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