review: Is Cashvib legit or a scam?

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In Nigeria, a month won’t pass by without a new investment or online earning platform rising. But at the end of the day, all of them will turn out to be a scam and abscond with thousands of user’s revenue.

As always, a new platform called “Cashvib” is on the rise now, where you get paid to watch ADs. But are they legit?. Are they really paying?. Or this is just another corny online earning platform in disguise?.

By the end of this” review“, you will be certain whether or not is to be trusted. Answers will also be given to frequently asked questions such as “What is“, “How does work?“, “Is legit?“, “Is a scam?“, and “Who is the CEO“.

Without delaying any longer, let’s get started…

What is and How does work? review

Cashvib is a new online reward program that lets its users earn money by watching brand advertisements and also referring friends or families to register on the platform through your affiliate link.

After registering on the platform, you will be welcomed with a sign up bonus of $10 and your unique affiliate link that will earn you $1 per referral.

It is stated on their official website that their organization is headquartered in California, which I doubt is true as there is no real address on the website and their domain WHOIS information is redacted.

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Who is the CEO of

The CEO of Cashvib is not yet known as there is no real face behind it and not a single information is published about the operating team of the platform.

This is one of the many red flags about Cashvib online earning platform.

Is legit or a scam?

While conducting an investigation about this platform, curiosity made me sign up and test out its features but instead I was bombarded with Propeller/Adsterra ADs.

This means the owner of the platform is anonymously running ADs that in turn generates profit for him/her. There is no legit online earning platform that runs such ADs on their webpage.

After signing up, you will be instructed to click on an AD to watch, you need to stay for 35 seconds on one page before a little cent will be added to your earnings.

They are doing this so Ads view will be unique as this will generate the highest possible ADs earning for them.

This platform is probably fake and should not be trusted at all. But if you’re someone who likes to learn from experience, you may go ahead and give Cashvib a trial.


If you have any questions or any additional comment you would like to make, simply use the comment section below. If you’re also someone who has already tried out the platform, let us know about your experience, Good or Bad?

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