POS Machine with no Target in 2023

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In the world of modern business, where technology plays a vital role, Point of Sale (POS) machines have become essential for transactions. Now, something exciting is happening – POS machines are getting even better. They’re removing a rule that used to limit businesses: daily transaction targets. This means businesses can use these machines without worrying about meeting a specific daily goal. It’s like breaking free from a constraint and stepping into a world of flexibility.

Palmpay POS

Palmpay is a leading fintech company in Nigeria, known for its mobile payment and financial services. Palmpay POS is a user-friendly and versatile payment solution designed to offer businesses the flexibility they need. With no daily transaction targets, Palmpay POS liberates businesses from constraints, enabling them to process transactions freely. It boasts an intuitive interface, efficient inventory management, robust security features, comprehensive reporting, and reliable customer support.


Kuda, a digital bank in Nigeria, takes a customer-centric approach to financial services. Kuda POS complements its offerings by providing businesses with a POS solution that doesn’t impose daily transaction targets. Businesses can process transactions without limitations while enjoying the user-friendliness of the mobile app and POS interface. Kuda emphasizes security, offers responsive customer support, and provides financial management features.


Baxi is a fintech company in Nigeria with a strong presence in agent banking and financial services. Baxi POS is part of its service portfolio, offering businesses a POS solution that doesn’t restrict daily transaction volumes. Businesses can process transactions without daily limits, benefiting from Baxi’s widespread agent network and versatile transaction support. Baxi places a high priority on security and offers reliable customer support.

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Paga is a renowned Nigerian fintech company specializing in mobile payment and financial services. Paga POS is designed to provide businesses with a flexible payment solution that removes daily transaction targets. With an extensive agent network, diverse financial services, and a commitment to security, Paga offers businesses the freedom they need to process transactions without limitations. Reliable customer support ensures businesses can access assistance when needed.

Kudi POS

Looking for another groundbreaking payment solution in Nigeria? Look no further than Kudi POS! With no daily transaction targets, Kudi POS allows businesses to process unlimited transactions, just like Palmpay and kUDA POS. Experience the freedom and flexibility to grow your business without limitations. And, of course, Kudi POS prioritizes security and reliability, ensuring the safety of every payment. 

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Which POS does not have a daily target?

There are a few POS machines that do not have a daily target, including:

  • Moniepoint GO
  • Opay POS
  • PalmPay POS
  • KippaPay POS
  • Baxi POS

These POS machines are typically free to use, and there are no monthly fees. However, you may be charged a transaction fee for each payment that you process.

Does Moniepoint have target?

No, Moniepoint does not have a daily target. You can use your Moniepoint POS machine to accept payments from customers without having to worry about meeting a daily target.

Which POS has the lowest charges?

The POS with the lowest charges depends on the POS provider and the type of transactions that you are processing. However, some of the POS providers with the lowest charges include:

  • Moniepoint
  • Opay
  • PalmPay
  • KippaPay
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What are the top 5 POS machines in Nigeria?

The top 5 POS machines in Nigeria are:

  1. Moniepoint GO
  2. Opay POS
  3. PalmPay POS
  4. KippaPay POS
  5. Baxi POS

These POS machines are popular because they are easy to use, reliable, and affordable.

Which network is best for POS?

The best network for POS depends on your location and your needs. However, some of the most popular networks for POS include:

  • MTN
  • Airtel
  • Globacom
  • 9mobile

It is important to note that some POS providers may only work with certain networks. So, it is important to check with the POS provider before you choose a network.


In a world where business owners in Nigeria were once restricted by daily transaction limits on their POS machines, the introduction of Palmpay POS, kUDA POS, Kudi POS, and Baxi POS has revolutionized the payment landscape. These game-changing solutions have eliminated transaction targets, allowing businesses to process unlimited transactions. With the assurance of security and reliability, these POS machines have opened up endless opportunities for Nigerian business owners to grow their businesses without any limitations. Embrace the future of payments in Nigeria and say goodbye to transaction limits – the possibilities are now boundless.

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