PalmPay Customer Care: Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Email Address, and PalmPay Contact Address

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Welcome to the world of PalmPay, where customer satisfaction is paramount. In your journey with PalmPay, you may have questions, or concerns, or simply seek assistance with any aspect of their services. That’s where PalmPay Customer Care comes in, ready to provide you with the support you need. 

With their dedicated team of professionals, PalmPay ensures that your queries are addressed promptly and efficiently. Whether you prefer to make a phone call, send a message on WhatsApp, or communicate via email, PalmPay offers multiple channels to reach their customer care representatives. 

In this article, we will explore the PalmPay Customer Care Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Email Address, and even Contact Address. So, let’s dive in and discover the various ways you can connect with PalmPay’s customer care team to receive the assistance you deserve.

Palmpay Customer Care Phone Number

The PalmPay Customer Care Phone Number is +234 903 000 2455. By dialing this number, you can directly connect with PalmPay’s customer care representatives who are dedicated to assisting you with any inquiries, concerns, or issues you may have regarding their services. Whether you need help with transactions, account management, or any other aspect of using the PalmPay app, their knowledgeable and friendly customer care team is just a phone call away. Don’t hesitate to reach out and experience the convenience and support provided by PalmPay’s customer care services.

Palmpay Customer Care Whatsapp Number 

The PalmPay Customer Care Whatsapp Number is +234 903 000 2455. By adding this number to your Whatsapp contacts, you can easily reach out to PalmPay’s customer care team for assistance and support. 

Whether you have questions about transactions, account-related issues, or any other concerns regarding the PalmPay app, you can simply send a message on Whatsapp and their dedicated customer care representatives will provide prompt and helpful responses. 

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The Whatsapp platform offers a convenient and efficient way to communicate with PalmPay’s customer care, ensuring that you receive the support you need for a seamless experience with their services.

Palmpay Customer Care Email Address 

The PalmPay Customer Care Email Address is If you prefer to reach out to PalmPay’s customer care team via email, you can send your inquiries, feedback, or complaints to this email address. 

Simply compose a detailed message explaining your concern and include any relevant information such as your account details or transaction references. PalmPay’s customer care representatives will review your email and provide the necessary assistance to address your query or resolve any issues you may be experiencing. 

Email communication allows for a more formal and documented interaction, ensuring that your concerns are properly recorded and attended to by the PalmPay support team.

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Palmpay Customer Care Contact Address 

PalmPay Customer Care Contact Address

10A Plot B Block 79A Adebisi Ogunniyi Crescent Off Oladimeji Alo Street Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Nigeria

If you prefer to visit PalmPay’s customer care center in person, the above address provides the physical location where you can seek assistance. It is advisable to contact PalmPay’s customer support team beforehand to confirm their availability and schedule an appointment if necessary. 

Visiting the customer care center allows for face-to-face interaction with the support staff, enabling them to address your concerns or provide guidance regarding PalmPay’s services, app features, account-related inquiries, or any other assistance you may require.

Other Channels To Communicate With Palmpay Customer Care

In addition to the phone number, WhatsApp number, email address, and contact address provided, there are other channels through which you can communicate with Palmpay customer care. These include:

  • Social Media: Palmpay has official social media accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can reach out to them by sending direct messages or posting your queries or concerns on their pages.
  • In-App Support: If you have the Palmpay app installed on your mobile device, you can access the customer support feature within the app itself. Look for the “Support” or “Help” section where you can submit your questions or issues.
  • Online Chat Support: Palmpay may have a live chat feature on their official website. Visit their website to check if there is a chat option available for instant assistance.
  • FAQ Section: Palmpay likely has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on their website or app. Browse through the FAQ section to find answers to common queries and concerns.
  • Email or Contact Form: Apart from the provided email address, there might be a contact form available on Palmpay’s website where you can submit your inquiries or feedback.
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Remember to provide relevant details and be clear in your communication to ensure a prompt and effective response from Palmpay’s customer care team.


How do I email PalmPay customer service? 

You can email PalmPay customer service at

How can I complain to PalmPay? 

To lodge a complaint to PalmPay, you can reach out to their customer service through various channels such as phone, email, or social media. Provide them with a clear description of your complaint, along with any relevant details or evidence.

Will PalmPay refund my money? 

PalmPay’s refund policy may vary depending on the specific circumstances of your case. It’s recommended to contact their customer service to discuss your situation and inquire about the possibility of a refund.

Who is the CEO of PalmPay? 

The CEO of PalmPay is Greg Reeve. However, it’s always a good idea to verify the latest information from official sources.

How can I contact PalmPay on WhatsApp? 

To contact PalmPay on WhatsApp, you can add their official WhatsApp number, which is +234 902 123 0973, to your contacts and initiate a conversation with them through the WhatsApp application.


In conclusion, PalmPay provides multiple channels for customers to contact their customer care team and seek assistance. Whether you prefer traditional phone calls, convenient messaging on WhatsApp, or the ease of email communication, PalmPay offers various options to suit your needs. 

The phone number, WhatsApp number, email address, and contact address provided ensure that you can reach out to PalmPay’s customer care for inquiries, complaints, or support regarding their services. By leveraging these contact channels, you can expect prompt and helpful assistance from PalmPay’s dedicated customer care team.

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