Jaiz Bank Transfer Code – Jaiz Bank USSD Code For Transfers, Airtime and Data Purchase, Check Account Balance, Borrow Loans

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In the realm of Islamic banking, Jaiz Bank stands as a pioneering financial institution, dedicated to providing innovative and Sharia-compliant banking solutions. 

With a firm commitment to incorporating technology for the convenience of its customers, Jaiz Bank offers a robust transfer code and USSD code system. These services empower individuals to conduct a wide range of banking transactions seamlessly using their mobile phones, while adhering to Islamic principles.

The Jaiz Bank transfer code and USSD code have transformed the landscape of Islamic banking, providing customers with a convenient and accessible channel to manage their accounts and perform transactions. 

By dialing the designated code on their mobile phones, customers gain instant access to a menu of banking options, enabling them to transfer funds, check balances, pay bills, purchase airtime, and more, all in accordance with the principles of Islamic finance.

With the Jaiz Bank transfer code and USSD code, customers experience the benefits of advanced banking technology combined with the integrity of Islamic financial practices. 

This innovative service ensures that individuals can conveniently engage in banking activities while maintaining their commitment to Sharia principles, without compromising on the convenience and accessibility of modern banking.

About Jaiz Bank

Jaiz Bank is a prominent Nigerian financial institution that operates based on Islamic principles and values. Established in 2003, Jaiz Bank became the first non-interest bank in Nigeria, offering a range of Shariah-compliant banking services to individuals, businesses, and organizations.

The bank operates with a commitment to providing ethical and sustainable financial solutions to its customers. Jaiz Bank focuses on promoting financial inclusion, fostering economic growth, and adhering to Islamic banking principles, which prohibit the payment or receipt of interest and promote risk-sharing and ethical investment practices.

Jaiz Bank offers a wide array of banking products and services, including current accounts, savings accounts, investment accounts, financing facilities, trade services, and electronic banking solutions. The bank’s operations are guided by the principles of transparency, fairness, and ethical conduct.

With its extensive branch network across Nigeria, Jaiz Bank ensures easy access to its services and caters to the diverse needs of its customers. The bank also provides online and mobile banking platforms, allowing customers to conveniently manage their accounts, make transactions, and access banking services from anywhere at any time.

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Jaiz Bank is regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria and operates in compliance with the guidelines and regulations of Islamic banking. The bank places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, and its dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering excellent banking experiences and meeting the financial needs of its customers.

As an Islamic bank, Jaiz Bank is deeply committed to social responsibility and community development. The bank actively participates in initiatives that promote financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development, thereby contributing to the overall progress and welfare of society.

Jaiz Bank Transfer Code

*973*Amount*Account Number# is the transfer code for JAIZ bank. 

The Jaiz Bank transfer code is a convenient and user-friendly service that allows Jaiz Bank customers to perform various banking transactions directly from their mobile phones. With the transfer code, customers can access a wide range of services, such as fund transfers, balance inquiries, bill payments, airtime purchases, and more, all in a secure and efficient manner.

To use the Jaiz Bank transfer code, customers need to register their mobile numbers with the bank and create a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Once registered, they can follow these simple steps:

  1. Dial the designated Jaiz Bank transfer code on their mobile phone. The specific code may vary depending on the country or region. For example, in Nigeria, the Jaiz Bank transfer code is *973*Amount*Account Number#
  2. A menu will appear on the screen, presenting different banking options.
  3. Select the desired service by entering the corresponding number or following the provided prompts.
  4. Provide the necessary details for the transaction, such as the recipient’s account number, transfer amount, or bill payment information.
  5. Verify the transaction details and authorize the transaction using the provided options, usually by entering the PIN.
  6. Once the transaction is completed, a confirmation message will be displayed on the screen, and an SMS notification may also be sent to the customer’s registered mobile number.

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The Jaiz Bank transfer code offers customers a convenient way to perform banking transactions on the go, without the need to visit a branch or rely on internet banking. It provides flexibility and accessibility, particularly for customers who may not have access to smartphones or stable internet connectivity.

Jaiz Bank USSD Code For Transfers, Airtime and Data Purchase, Check Account Balance, Borrow Loans

The USSD code for JAIZ bank is *973#

The Jaiz Bank USSD code is a powerful tool that enables Jaiz Bank customers to conveniently access a wide range of banking services using their mobile phones. USSD, or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, technology allows customers to interact with the bank’s computer system through a simple dialing process, without requiring an internet connection.

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What is the USSD code for Jaiz Bank?

 The USSD code for Jaiz Bank is 389301#. You can use this code to access various banking services and perform transactions on your Jaiz Bank account through your mobile phone.

What is the old USSD code for Jaiz Bank? 

The old USSD code for Jaiz Bank was 389301#. However, if there have been any recent changes to the USSD code, it is advisable to check with Jaiz Bank or refer to their official communication channels for the updated USSD code.

How do I transfer money from Jaiz Bank to another bank? 

To transfer money from your Jaiz Bank account to another bank account, you can follow these steps:

  1. Dial the Jaiz Bank USSD code (389301#) on your mobile phone.
  2. Follow the prompts and select the option for “Transfer” or “Fund Transfer.”
  3. Enter the recipient’s bank account number and select the destination bank.
  4. Enter the amount you want to transfer.
  5. Confirm the details of the transaction and authorize the transfer using your unique PIN or authentication method.
  6. Upon successful completion, the money will be transferred from your Jaiz Bank account to the specified bank account.

How do I activate USSD code transfer? 

To activate the USSD code transfer feature, you may need to follow these general steps:

  1. Ensure your mobile phone number is registered and linked to your Jaiz Bank account.
  2. Dial the Jaiz Bank USSD code (389301#) on your mobile phone.
  3. Follow the prompts and select the option for “Transfer” or “Fund Transfer.”
  4. You may be prompted to set up a unique PIN or password for the USSD code transfer service.
  5. Provide any necessary information, such as your account number or personal details.
  6. Confirm and complete the activation process as guided by the prompts on your screen.
  7. Once the activation is successful, you will be able to use the USSD code for transfer services.

What is the USSD code for transfer? 

The USSD code for transfer may vary depending on your bank or financial institution. Each bank typically has its own unique USSD code for transfer services. It is advisable to check with your specific bank or refer to their official website, mobile app, or customer service channels to obtain the correct USSD code for transfer.


In conclusion, the Jaiz Bank transfer code and USSD code are invaluable tools that epitomize the commitment of Jaiz Bank to provide convenient and accessible banking services to its customers. By leveraging technology and embracing the power of USSD, Jaiz Bank has revolutionized the way customers interact with their accounts and conduct banking transactions.

The transfer code and USSD code offer a host of benefits, including the ability to transfer funds, check balances, pay bills, purchase airtime, and more, all from the convenience of a mobile phone. These services empower customers, providing them with 24/7 access to essential banking services, irrespective of their location or access to the internet.

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