How to start Uber Business in Nigeria (2023 Guide)

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Due to the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, it is advisable to start a business of your own. In this “How to start Uber business in Nigeria” guide, you will be shown how you can become your own boss while working flexibly.

Nigeria’s population unemployment rate rose to 33.3% in 2023 alone and it’s predicted to rise even more in 2024, you don’t need to wait for the government to provide a corporate job for you.

Even though there are many other career paths, starting an Uber business is lucrative and you also get to work flexibly in your own hours when you feel like it.

To get started, know how to drive a car, obtain all proper driver documents and apply.

Without delaying any longer, let’s delve right into this guide on”how to start your own uber business in Nigeria“.

How to start Uber business in Nigeria

What is Uber (Back History)?

In simple terms, Uber Inc is a transportation network based in San Francisco, California, the United States with its hands of service extended to approximately 72 countries in the world.

Uber was founded in 2019 by a genius mind called Dara Khosrowshahi in an attempt to make how people move from one place to another a breeze and also reduce the cost of direct transportation.

The company itself doesn’t own any vehicles, they instead receive a commission from each passenger booking via their network of certified drivers.

Requirements to start Uber business in Nigeria

If you’re aspiring to become an Uber driver, know beforehand that you will pass through a rigorous testing phase and also meet some requirements.

These requirements and testing phase is made mandatory by Uber to make sure they only have certified drivers whose vision aligns with theirs.

There are requirements for Uber drivers and a separate requirement for Uber vehicles which you will be conducting your business with.

Requirements for Uber applicants (Drivers):

  • A valid Nigerian driving license (Not expired)
  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • You need to pass the compulsory “Security screening and Virtual info session” phase
  • A valid LASDRI card if you’re someone who wants to know “how to start Uber business in Lagos
  • You must supply a LASRAA card as proof of residence

Uber vehicle requirements:

Uber only accepts specific vehicle makes and models to drive for them, below are some requirements your car needs to meet if you want to become an Uber driver in Nigeria.

  • Only cars with the model year 2000 or newer
  • Must be a 4-door card in good condition and no physical damages or alterations
  • A working radio
  • You need to obtain paperwork such as a hackney permit, vehicle insurance, and others

If you would like to check whether your car model or made is eligible, kindly visit the Uber car eligibility page here.

How to start Uber business in Nigeria (Applications)

Once you’re done skimming through the Uber requirements for both drivers and cars, the next step is to apply if you met all criteria.

To get started, simply download the Uber app. It’s available on both Google play store and Apple store for IOS users.

Sign up with your email address and upload all documents outlined above for drivers and cars, you can then activate your account once you get approved.

After approval, you don’t need to do a thing before you start getting transportation orders. The app Uber app will automatically match you with any Uber users requesting a ride in your locality using a pre-programmed algorithm.

You will be getting paid into any local Nigerian banks on a weekly basis.


By starting an Uber business in Nigeria, you will not only make the mode of transportation easy for the population but also make passive income from a flexible and profitable career path.

I hope this guide has shown you “how to start Uber business in Nigeria“. if you have any questions traversing your mind, leave a comment down below and you will get a light-shedding reply.

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