How to easily apply for Easemoni loan (Ultimate guide)

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If you need an urgent, quick, and easy loan to start a business, solve urgent unexpected issues, pay off hospital bills, and so on, then an Easemoni loan might be your way out.

Why Easemoni loan and not any loan lender? The answer to this question is one which you will like, it’s because Easemoni is an instant loan app in Nigeria, unlike taking a loan from the bank, they require no collateral, no guarantor, no paperwork, and also have no hidden fees.

Easemoni, a product of BlueRidge Ltd, is insured by NDIC (Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation) and has duly obtained a micro-finance banking license from CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria).

This means they are reliable and their lending process is the easiest among all others. You just need an Android device with a stable internet connection.

In this guide, I will show you how you can easily apply for and obtain an Easemoni loan in the comfort of your home by just using your mobile devices.

Before guiding you through the straightforward process, let’s look at the Easemoni loan requirements that need to be met before applying.

EaseMoni loan

Easemoni loan requirements

As stated above, there are a few certain requirements that must be met to get a loan successfully.

Below are a few major ones:

  • You must be a Nigerian as only Nigerians can apply for this loan
  • You must be between 20-55 years of age
  • Your 11-digits BVN (Bank Verification Number) and an active bank account will be required
  • You may possess an Opay account or not. This is optional and not mandatory
  • You will need to provide your real income information. This will increase the loan limit and also increase your loan approval rate

Look through all the requirements to see if you’re ready to apply for an Easemoni loan, then let’s move on to the next section that will explain in toto how to register an Easemoni account and how you can apply and get a loan easily.

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How to create an Easemoni account

Before getting full access to the Easemoni service, you will need to have an active account. This section will show you how you can register an account with Easemoni within a few seconds.

  • First, visit the Google play store, download and install the Easemoni mobile app
  • After a successful installation, open up the app and input your mobile phone number to sign up
  • A 4-digit authentication pin will be sent to you via SMS. Copy and input this pin, then click on “Next
  • Create a 4-digit account password on the next onboarding screen and click “Submit

Once this process is completed, you now have an active Easemoni account ready to request a loan.

To apply for an Easemoni loan:

After creating your account, follow the procedures below to apply for a loan.

  • On your Easemoni account dashboard, click on the “Apply” button
  • The next page will ask you to supply information about yourself, such as full name, DOB (Date Of Birth), and BVN
  • Fill in all these, click on the credit report checkmark below the form, and click on “Next
  • Take a clear selfie of your face on the next screen, make sure the surroundings are well lit up
  • Click on “Next” and you’re done.

 Now, all you need to do is wait while Easemoni AI estimates your information to determine how much loan you’re eligible for.

What next after estimation?

Wait for a few minutes, hours sometimes, to get an SMS notification from Easemoni that states, Your EaseMoni loan offer has been estimated. Please confirm the loan in EaseMoni APP.

Then log in to your account. You will see a loan offer on the dashboard. Link the bank account you want the loan sent to and click on “Apply Now“.

Wait again for a few hours for the loan request to get processed and they will credit the loan amount into your linked bank account.

How to repay Easemoni loan

After they approve your loan request, you need to repay so you can be able to borrow another loan. You don’t need to worry about repayment if you’ve already allowed the Easemoni system to automatically deduct payment from your account on the due repayment date.

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But if you haven’t, you can choose to pay manually. There are mainly 2 ways which you can use to repay:

Repay Easemoni loan using debit/credit card:

The first method is to repay your loan using your debit or credit card, just log in to your Easemoni account and click on your loan details.

On the loan details page, click on the “Repay” button. Then bind a new card you would like to use for repayment. Make sure you have a sufficient amount equivalent to the amount of loan you borrowed on your card.

You will be shown a payment successful page if everything went well.

Repay Easemoni loan via bank transfer:

The second method is to repay via inter-bank transfer, click on your loan details just like the first method and click on the “Repay” button. 

Then choose to pay via bank transfer. The Easemoni system will generate a unique bank account to send the repayment to, copy the 10-digit NUBAN number and send the payment.

Once the payment is successfully completed, Easemoni will detect that you have repaid your loan and clear your balance.

What is the Easemoni loan interest rate?

Easemoni interest rate is quite better when compared to other loan lending apps in Nigeria, such as Fairmoney with over 30% interest rate.

Easemoni repayment period ranges from 91 days to a maximum of 365 days and their interest rate is 5% to 10% monthly.

For instance, you borrow a loan amount of N3,000 with a 91 days repayment term and the monthly interest rate is 5%.

The total repayment amount will be N3,273 and you will repay N1,091 every month.


And that ends it for this guide on “Easemoni loan“, how to apply, how to register and their interest rate.

This is one of the loan lending apps with the simplest lending process in Nigeria. They are 100% recommended.

If you have any more questions that are not covered in this guide, kindly comment down below or reach out to the Easemoni customer support department.

  • Easemoni customer support Email:
  • Easemoni customer support hotline: +234 – 9087614150
  • WhatsApp customer number: +234 – 8073634739
  • Physical Address: 60 Adeniyi Jones Ave, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

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