How to block Firstbank ATM card [Easy method]

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If your Firstbank ATM Card details have been compromised or it gets stolen, blocking the card so as to prevent unauthorized transactions is the next step to take.

So in this guide, you will be shown “how to block Firstbank ATM card” without the need to visit any Firstbank banking hall to get it done.

Yes, there is no need to visit a banking hall to “block Firstbank ATM card” as the process might get delayed, thereby giving more time to perpetrators who stole your card to carry out illegal transactions.

Without wasting any more time, below is the easy to carry out method that you can use to block Firstbank ATM card card using just your mobile phone.

How to block Firstbank ATM card with code (USSD)

Simply dial *894*911# to easily block your Firstbank ATM card. A text will pop up saying

Confirm that you want to place “Post No Debit” i.e. block your FirstBank accounts.

Options are 1. Yes 2. Cancel

Choose 1, do so and reply “Send“.

If you have multiple bank accounts, choose the account affected and also your card type (whether Mastercard, Verve card, or Visa card).

Your compromised ATM card will be blocked immediately and you will receive a success notification.

PS: You will need to go bank to reactivate your bank account.


And that’s “how to block your Firstbank ATM card” just with your mobile phone. If you follow the procedures explained above, you will block your compromised card within a few seconds and you will be safe.

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